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Seeing building defects can be disconcerting. Contact us today if you have any structural concerns.


For existing building and infrastructure our inspection will be based on a initial discussion to understand the scope of your problem and tailor the inspection scope to suit your needs and budget. In a typical inspection we record and comprehensively photograph the issues encountered and develop a confidential report that will define the problems and suggest appropriate remedial measures.

When the issues that you are experiencing can't be resolved amicably with the asset owner, tenant, builders or constructors then Structural Reporting can provide Expert Reports to assist your legal representatives achieve resolution.

Our construction phase inspection service provides experienced eyes and ensure that key structural components have been installed in accordance the engineering drawings.

Damage caused by plant growth

Our Services include:-

• Design Management • PPP technical audits • Expert witness • Proposal leadership • Proposal writing
• Technical recruitment • Safety in Design auditing • Design review and audit • Structural collapse
• Concept design and development • Dilapidation inspections and reports

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