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Seeing building defects can be disconcerting. Contact us today if you have any structural concerns.

The Company

Structural Reporting provides a dedicated support service on building and infrastructure defects and for construction phase supervision. Our aim is to help you understand the structural issues that can affect your new or aging asset – be it office, residential, recreational, walkway, bridge, car park, industrial building or healthcare facility.
Common issues of concern for our clients on existing building and infrastructure includes:

  • corrosion
  • material failure
  • settlement and cracking
  • excessive movement or deflection, sagging and or leaning
  • overload or damage related to impact incidents
Rusting metal can cause damage to stonework

During the construction phase, site inspections provide an important link ensuring that the as built condition follows the designer’s intent.

With over 30 years experience, we can provide you with sound practical structural knowledge developed on both local and overseas projects.

Our Services include:-

• Design Management • PPP technical audits • Expert witness • Proposal leadership • Proposal writing
• Technical recruitment • Safety in Design auditing • Design review and audit • Structural collapse
• Concept design and development • Dilapidation inspections and reports

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