This is What We Do

Structural Reporting provides a dedicated professional support service for building and infrastructure defects. Be it anything from an office to a walkway bridge, car park, residential or industrial building, our aim is to help you understand the structural issues affecting your site and advise an appropriate course of action.
We work with both new and existing structures and ultimately your safety is our primary concern.

Common Issues of Concern for Our Clients

– Corrosion

– Cracking

– Material failure

– Excessive movement

– Sagging

– Leaning

We Provide Professional Services

– Structural inspections

– Building condition reports

– Repair recommendations

– 10-year capital works plans

– Dilapidation reports

– Construction stage inspections


Our Services Include

– Forensic engineering

– Expert witness reports

– Safety in design audits

– PPP technical audits

– Design Management


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Seeing building defects can be disconcerting.